Face of a Cop Hater

Lawrence Tierney was known for his many brushes with the law. When he wasn’t acting he often found trouble, spending considerable time in jails and prison during the course of his life.

Not one to slow down when the cops arrived, Larry was known to battle all cops present during bar fights over the years. This has been doubly confirmed by police reports, and first person witness accounts.

Old drinking (yes very old!) buddies have reported that while living in New York City, the police would sometimes arrive at a watering hole Larry was at and announce that Larry was to “come outside for his beating.”

Others have said that while going about their business during the day in Manhattan they’d turn around to see Larry fighting with ten cops; all wielding billy clubs.

The stories are legendary, and endless.

Why did Larry like to fight so much? One friend of Larry’s who knew him in New York in the 1970’s quoted Larry as saying,

“Sure you’re sore the next day. But fighting is so much fun.”

Below is a clipping that really captures Lawrence Tierney in his cop fighting days. The scan is blurry but when I can get the full text of the article I will post it.

Larry was a fun guy most of the time. But ‘Beware the Ides of March’ (Larry’s birthday was March 15.)

When Larry was drinking it was best to be in the next state!

If you have any stories about Larry, please share them in the memories section or in the comments below.

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