Hulu nabs Seinfeld: Tierney “In Like Flynn”

Hulu has just made a landmark deal with Sony TV by acquiring the entire Seinfeld catalog for Hulu networks streaming services. The $180 million dollar deal (about $1 million per episode) is big news in Hollywood this week.  Already a huge hit in endless re-runs, this ensures another long run of Seinfeld re-viewings in the foreseeable future.

Lawrence Tierney appeared in a season 2 episode called “The Jacket” playing Elaine’s father. It’s a classic episode that made the Seinfeld “top 100” highlight clips episode.

Variety is reporting this as a “windfall” for Sony TV and the LA Times is reporting that the shows will begin airing in June.seinfeld-the-jacket

Tierney was cast as Alton Benes on the episode. A hard nosed war vet that’s difficult to please. It was a great comedic performance for Tierney, but not his only one. Just like in Reservoir Dogs, the producers used Tierney’s hard as nails demeanor as a source of comic relief.

His performance on the show was not without controversy. Apparently, Larry tried to steal a knife from the set, and when confronted by Jerry Seinfeld, pretended to go Psycho on him.

Performed before a live audience. The actors rehearsed all week before taping. Larry’s experience on the stage really shows as he holds court in his chair, reading the paper, and intimidating the other characters with his gravel voiced delivery.

The Seinfeld cast would more recently pay a loving tribute (sarcasm added) to Tierney on the DVD extras of the show. But it’s all in good fun. Hell, this was nothing new for Tierney. The actor was known to bust up Hollywood parties (attended by legends like Errol Flynn and Diana Barrymore) since way back in 1946.



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