“Tough Guy” by Laura Wagner – Could a Lawrence Tierney biography be in the works?

Tough Guy by Laura Wagner

Tough Guy by Laura Wagner

In the last few weeks classic movie writer Laura Wagner has released an excellent article about Lawrence Tierney in the magazine “Films of the Golden Age” issue #83.

The article, titled “Tough Guy,” is very extensive (32 pages) and has great photos along with stories about Larry’s film and television roles and raucous personal life. The article also chronicles a never ending crime blotter of Lawrence Tierney’s problems with the law.

For some people this may be hard to stomach. But if that’s the case then you didn’t know Lawrence Tierney!

Although Larry was a great guy when sober, his problems with alcohol and violence lasted for decades and were chronicled publicly in newspaper and gossip columns of the day. The result is a laundry list of barroom brawls, petty crimes, dust ups with cops, driving under the influence, choking cab drivers, arrests, bail, 6 month jail stints, apologies, promises, relapses, sugar bowl head busting, door kicking, girlfriend stalking, jaw breaking, whiskey induced real life nightmares, starring Tierney, that culminate in a “shots fired” incident with a .357 magnum that landed Tierney in jail while making Reservoir Dogs.

It was too much for some of Larry’s friends. One 24 year old woman (a girlfriend of Tierney’s in the mid-1970’s) chose to jump out a window and commit suicide rather than entertain another night of drinking with Mr. Tierney!

For you die hard Lawrence Tierney fans, toughen up. And don’t kill the messenger.

Tierney is Laura Wagner’s favorite actor of all time. The article is a MUST read for anyone interested in learning more about Lawrence Tierney’s life. And while we are not sure if Laura Wagner will be writing a Lawrence Tierney biography, she has our 100% support.

The article chronicles Tierney’s life from his early career in 1943 to his death in February 2002.

If you would like a copy of the magazine check your newsstands.

You can also email the publisher Carol Peterson at:


or you can send a check or money order for $6 to:

Films of the Golden Age
301 East 3rd. St.
Muscatine, IA 52761

Great work Laura!

Please keep us posted with what you are up to next…

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